Welcome to Compass Web!

Hey readers!

This is my new project. I'll be publishing here at Compass Web various tips and tricks I've learned over my years on the world wide web. I've always been a teacher at heart, and so I can't wait to get started.

While my expertise is quite technical, I figure I'll get started with the basics so anyone can follow along. Let this site be your compass for learning the way of the web and how to use it meet your own goals and dreams!

A Roadmap for this Blog

First, we'll cover some marketing stuff like social media, SEO, and content creation.

Internet marketing

This is where you'll really learn how the web works. Sure, the technical side is how it literally works, but at the end of the day, the web is made of people not things. Learning internet marketing fundamentals is essential for anyone looking to create their own site. It's a lens that will allow you to view the web in a new, yet pragmatic way. Otherwise, it's hard to understand the purpose behind a lot of the stuff we do when building sites.

Setting up WordPress Sites

Then we'll dive into basic website building with WordPress. I think it's more important to learn the marketing side first, so you'll now how to optimize and setup your site as you build it. I know, that might seem like a strange priority coming from a tech guy, but it's the truth! Websites don't exist for the sake of being websites - they have a purpose. You'll need to make a site that meets your goals and also is optimized for the marketing that will bring visitors/users/clients.

Customizing WordPress

The third thing we'll cover is how to customize your site. The basic setup is easy enough, but this is where things really get fun. You'll learn how to use technologies like CSS and jQuery to make your website awesome and beautiful.

WP themes these days are pretty powerful. You can get a ton of features and different layouts included, and yet... that never seems to be enough. There's always a little something more you want to change that the theme can't quite do. Knowing how to customize a WordPress theme yourself is tremendously helpful when building sites and publishing on the web.


Next we'll look at conversions. Every website has a goal and every goal can be optimized for. This is where your customizations skills and knowledge of site building with WordPress becomes truly useful. It's cool to make a form look prettier, but to design it to convert better... now that's just awesome.

You'll learn a few conversion optimization tricks and how to better design your site to serve your funnel. Oh yea, you'll learn what a funnel is too ;)

Web publishing

And last but of course not least, you'll learn the ins-and-outs of web publishing. I'll be covering how to setup an editorial content, the checklist I use for pre-publishing editing and post-publishing promotion, and much more. This is where you take off and blossom. All your other skills are multiplied in their usefulness once you start publishing like a pro.

That's it... for now!

I'll be back with some of my first tutorials soon. Make sure to subscribe to the feed in the meantime, and stay tuned for more!