About Me

Names James.

I've been working on the web since about the time it started. I was spinning up servers by the time most people picked up an AOL CD with a confused look on their face. Although I love the tech, I've always been fascinated with publishing. The internet is like a printing press on steroids. Never has the average person had so much opportunity to be heard. The web is truly a force for democratizing the world of publishing.

Ramblings aside, you're probably wondering why I started this site in the first place. Why spend my time writing here when I could be out sailing on my boat? Well, sometimes it rains :)

I've started this site to teach people about the web and how to use it to publish their own work whether that's written content, photographs, or video or anything else you can imagine. It's up to you! More people need to know how to use the web to meet their own needs, and I hope that my site can do that for at least a few of you.